Bio-magnetic insoles & Prana Mix

Bio-magnetic insoles & Prana Mix

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Alone with the powerful Prana Mix made of minerals from the sea/earth and very pure natural herbs/plants to energized and exfoliated the bank of death skin (your feet) and Power magnetic insoles has odor control, anti fungal, antibacterial, moisture winking, and they are breathable for total comfort and stimulation. Our magnetic insoles is 5/16th of an inch thick, they have a heel cup and enhanced instep relief, and they are excellent for athletic shoes or work boots, or you can take out your current insoles and replace them with this double-padded insoles. The magnetic insoles are most likely better than the OEM insole provided with the best brand name shoes you have. These magnetic insoles may be found useful for painful bone spurs, gout, circulation problems, and arthritis. The magnetic insoles features 23 magnets 11 are Neodymium and 12 are ceramic. (5) 1/2 inch Neodymium magnets (6) 9 mm Neodymium magnets (12) .25 inch Ceramic magnets. Neodymium magnets are very powerful and can penetrate unto 4 inches depending on the strength. 


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Magnetic Insoles Features:

·       (12) 800-gauss Bio-North (-) magnets and (6) 3000 gauss Bio-North and (5) 3500 Gauss Bio-North(-) magnets on both left and right insole.

·       Accommodates men and women’s sizes up to 13

·       46 total magnets 22 Neodymium Magnets 24 Ceramic magnets

·       Raised sides built in instep relief for arch support, and a cupped heel for secure fit inside shoes.

·       Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, wicks moisture, fast drying, and comfortable.

·       Four Sizes:

·       Small: men 7 women 8.5 / length in inches 10.25

·       Med: men 8/women 10.5 / length in inches 10.75

·       Lrg: men 10/women 12 / length in inches 11.25

·       XL: men 12/women 13.5 /length in inches 11.50

·       All sizes may be trimmed to fit.

·       Small: Euro 39

·       Med: Euro 41

·       Lrg: Euro 43

·       XL: Euro 45